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Orthodox - Why is God love.
Why is God love. Metropolitan of Montenegro and Sea-shores speaks why is Lord Jesus Christ Christ love.

+++ Same Gender Marriage - An Orthodox Perspective - Modern Challenges of Faith +++
New York becomes the 6th state in the United States to pass legislation to allow same gender marriage. Some of the advocates that helped bring this law on the ...

The Orthodox Stance On Moral And Social Issues (Discovering Orthodox Christianity)
Featuring His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit and V. Rev. Dr. Nathanael Symeonides Discussion Questions: 1. Why should the church be involved in ...

Fishers of Men: Winning Converts to the Orthodox Faith
Baptisms and Chrismations in the Parish of St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church in Riverside CA.

John MacArthur Denounces: Eastern Orthodox Church / Hank Hanegraaff Joins Orthodoxy
John MacArthur Denounces: Eastern Orthodox Church / The Bible Answer Man: Hank Hanegraaff sadly Joins the Eastern Orthodox Church ☆More from ...